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Which video formats/codecs do you support ?

Solution As of April 2012 we are adding videos in these formats:

- Windows Media Video 1080 or 720 @ 5000kbps for downloading

- Flash FLV videos 1080 or 720 @ 2500kbps for both streaming and downloading

- M4V H.2644/AAC format @ 5000kbps Ipad/Iphone/Andriod compatible as M4V format

- We are experimenting with the H.264 also in a low res format for mobile phones 480x320 @ 1000kbps. As soon as we decide on a standard I will update the FAQ

- As we go back and remaster old videos that are already on the site, or found in the archive that haven't been posted yet. Those videos are encoded to whatever size format they were shot in, and we normally give you a WMV, a FLV and a M4V format to go alone with each video.
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