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Can I use a downloader ???

Solution The simple answer is yes, but with some caution.

Our system software manages user logins so that if one user-name/IP is hoarding resources, it will automatically shut that persons login off till we can manually look to see what is going on.

We do this so that no one user will compromise the surfing experience of any other users on our site. Our experience has shown that you only need to open up a couple of pipes when downloading, that having anything more than 2 connections does little if any good in speeding up your downloads.

Our only other solution to the issue of down-loaders was to impose a daily download limit, which we are opposed to doing. So as long as everyone can play nice, and understand that others are also using these resources, we can all enjoy our time on TeenFlood :))

The practice of using a "site sucker", that grabs everything from the site is prohibited, there is no reason to grab all 3 to 4 version of the same video, with WMV, MP4 and Flash versions choose which one works best for your hardware. We have measures in place that will spot those using a site sucker, and they will be terminated!!

Thanks for becoming a member, and happy surfing!
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