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Privacy Policy

Solution At TeenFlood our privacy policy is simple: Your privacy and the security of your personal information is sacred to us. We did not earn our unrivalled reputation by selling customer information or spamming our clients. As a TeenFlood member your identity will be absolutely protected as it has been since the site was launched in 1998. TeenFlood is totally opposed to any form of email or mail spamming and always will be, without exception. The only correspondence you will receive either from TeenFlood, or our transaction processors, will be for receipts, notices of cancellation, one time promotional offers, or responses to your comments or requests.

TeenFlood does not sell, trade or exchange customer information or e-mail lists with anybody, anywhere, for any reason. We will only access your records if a problem occurs and we need to retrieve your login in order to assist you.

TeenFlood not only protects your personal information with the most powerful security technology available, be also value your personal privacy. Any charges you incur for TeenFlood products or services will be discretely billed to your credit card. The name TeenFlood or of any of our sister sites will never appear on your monthly bill. At TeenFlood we provide our members total privacy, rock-solid security, and prompt, discrete, customer service and support.

As a TeenFlood customer you may periodically receive promotional offers which are reflective of our products. If you do not wish to receive these offers please opt-out by creating a support ticket to that effect.

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