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How to cancel your account

Solution Canceling your subscription means that all future rebilling to your credit card or checking account will stop, as long as you cancel before your next scheduled rebill date. You will still have full access to the site until the time that you've paid for expires, after which access will be terminated. You can sign up again at any time. If you have your subscription number, (found in the emailed receipt you received from CCBill when you joined) enter it into CCBill's search utility- your search results will have a cancellation option. Here is the link to CCBill's account search utility: CCBill Customer Service- click here to cancel your membership. Please note that if you joined using a 900 number there is no need to cancel your account; 900 number accounts don't rebill. If you don't have your subscription number, you can still cancel your membership quite easily. Just call CCBill at 1-888-596-9279 and give them whatever information you have. They're very helpful and, unlike some customer service centers, quite competent.
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